Who I am

I’m a software architect and consultant with expertise in API engineering, microservices, and strategic technology management.


Hi, I’m Al Newkirk. I’m a software architect, engineer, and consultant with years of experience in API engineering, microservices, and strategic technology management. I specialize in helping companies design, develop and deploy scalable solutions with design-by-contract API-first development, leveraging web standards and best practices.

What I Do

I help clients deliver high-value software products by implementing agile methodologies, creating software engineering project plans, assembling teams of competent engineers, modeling business logic and processes, practicing robust software testing, as well as deploying and monitoring software applications.

Who I Work With

  • CTOs and other C-level executives

  • Internet businesses

  • Tech start-ups

  • Creative agencies

  • Product managers

Why It Works

A majority of my experience derives from helping clients transition from monolithic to microservice-oriented architectures. Whether it's a start-up or an enterprise, clean, efficient, and scalable architecture is imperative. This is where I come in: to help companies with API engineering without overspending the company’s resources to hire and train an in-house software engineer or creating technical debt.

Why I'm Different

I’ve worked in a variety of senior software engineering roles, for major tech companies and start-ups alike, helping them transition from monolith to service-oriented. I've witnessed what works, and what doesn't. I understand what makes software development teams great, and how to architect solutions that make software product development agile.

Me, Personally

I'm perpetually in search of work/life balance; powered by coffee (La Colombe). I'm a husband, father, and grandfather. I'm an avid reader. I enjoy social media, mobile photography, and futurism. Above all things, I love learning!

Connect with Me

If you think we should know each other, please contact me, or connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about my software engineering expertise and services.